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I offered all my pee to his stomach with a light relieving fart afterwards ,
It would an interesting journey!,
He got tingled and asked What do you mean?
I said with an stern tone You need to quit your job!
Tushar was in a shock But why?
I came heavily again Cos you don’t enjoy it and I’m doing enough for this family to prevail, don’t I?
Tushar didn’t refused that but asked Then, what would I do?
I had everything in place and she said in enthusiasm You will serve me
Tushar had a convincing expression on his face and asked her How?
I explained It is about you Tushar I want to change your inferiority and lack of control figure and controlling and enslaving you is something I find right at the moment
He readily accepted and asked How would you do that?
I came down in a stern voice again I would make you stay naked at home do all the household chores that I ask you, you would sit between my legs and do whatever I ask you to, I would make you my human pee box to remind you of my control if I find anything going beyond my rules,you would have to suffer a severe beat down
Tushar was shell-shocked at the moment and didn’t uttered a word, I added I expect you to stay naked get the breakfast and all the cleanings done before i come back

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