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Hentai: Tubular Bells

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Julie slipped out of bed and reached for her bath robe, Lucy ran back to her room and jumped in bed and closed her eye’s pretending to be sleeping ,
Lucy had thought about dropping hint’s to her daddy, but she had decided this wasn’t the thing to do, as her parents would probably divorce and this would be disastrous, for not only herself but for her two younger sisters too, as for her mother it would be her own fault,

Lucy lay there furious, her plan didn’t work, she did think about getting Diane up, but decided at 9 she would be way too young to be exposed to this sort of thing,
He rolled her onto her back and started pounding into her with a slow steady pace, as her pussy was soaking wet soft squelching noises filled the room, giggling Lucy said, “You’ll need to fuck me long and hard to make me come again” “I intend to”

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